CiviCRM Entities: Creating Enhanced Event Info and Registration including Openlayers mapping pages

Mark Hanna

With the advent of the CiviCRM Entity and Webform CiviCRM modules and the use of Drupal modules such as Entity Reference and EVA, site-builders can create enhanced user interfaces to CiviCRM Entities such as events. Using only Drupal site building techniques, one can build pages which combine the display of any Drupal Entity including Content types, Profiles, Users, with CiviCRM data to offer a one seamless and augmented interface. In this session I show how to display an event page which includes tabs containing the CiviCRM event data, ties in additional content types such as a Travel Information CT, ties in views such as a participant list of attendees of an event, a map showing the location of the event, and a webform to register for the event.  Additional information will include plotting events on maps using the Openlayers module and some techniques for integrating CiviCRM contact and event location data.

Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014 -
10:00 to 11:00
Session type: 
Kinzie West