CiviCRM TaxReceipt project

Karin Gerritsen

This presentation will provide an overview and in depth coverage of the CiviCRM CDN TaxReceipt project - a joint project by Canadian developers: Jake (Peaceworks), Lola (Freeform Solutions), Alan (Alan Dixon Consulting) and myself (Semper IT). I will present on how we arrived at the Extension - how we worked with (and continue to work with) a BDO Tax Partner who has strong ties to both the NPO community and Tax Authorities (CRA). I will show something for everyone: for users (GUI for tax receipting; bulk receipting; amalgamated annual receipting; report/auditing screens; Email and Print methods); and also for implementers & developers (how you can use it to print CiviCRM variables on press-ready PDF templates conditional on financial type or contact type; and how you can hook into the TaxReceipts Extension to determine whether or not a specific contribution is eligible to be receipted based on any (custom) field in your CiviCRM database or some PHP math; how you can calculate and handle complex receipting requirements: e.g. calculate non-eligible portions of a contribution based on cost of event, cost of meals, based on #tickets sold). We have learned that CRA has some of the strictest requirements for Tax Receipting including record keeping requirements and properly marking re-issued receipts as duplicates. As a result and with the ability to insert press-ready PDF templates - this extension has become a tool that can and is now used in other countries as well.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014 -
15:30 to 16:30
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Kinzie West