CiviVolunteer is Here to Manage Your Volunteers

Frank Gómez

This presentation will showcase the new CiviVolunteer module of CiviCRM. CiviVolunteer extends CiviCRM to help organizations manage their volunteers -- recruiting, training, assignment, and scheduling through to tracking and rewards programs.

The extension focuses on scheduling and reporting volunteer hours, as well as lay a solid foundation for future functionality. As CiviVolunteer matures, users will benefit from:

  • a clean configuration process to guide them through configuring volunteer projects in CiviCRM;
  • a sign-up form to collect potential volunteers’ interests and availability;
  • the ability for Civi admins to establish different volunteer roles with specific training requirements or other qualifications;
  • reports by project, by date, by volunteer, etc.

When the extension is enabled, a new tab is created (under Events) to manage volunteers appears that allows users the ability to specify what their needs are volunteers, assign and schedule volunteers, and log / track volunteer hours. The pool of potential assignees (volunteers) is populated by Contacts who have registered availability in the volunteer opportunity. The system will support people who show up to volunteer without pre-registering.  Administrators can specify how many volunteers they need for each specific area. Support for a “Volunteer Now” button will help drive volunteers to the sign-up forms. Significantly, CiviVolunteer will allow end-users the ability to log their own hours in a form.

We’ll demonstrate the capability, talk about its “under the hood” implementation, and give you a sneak peek into what is planned for the phase 2 (for example, allowing administrators the ability to add volunteer candidates to "the pool" using the results of some other search).

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Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014 -
14:15 to 15:15
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Goldman Auditorium