Integrated grassroots fundraising, organizing, and communications features? Yeah, CiviCRM + PowerBase can do that!

Mark Sherman
Tomás Aguilar

Last year, Progressive Technology Project (PTP) conducted a pilot program to test the much needed features that grassroots community organizing and base building groups need in order to conduct an integrated grassroots fundraising campaign.   The "integrated" part means that the fundraising features enhance the overall CiviCRM + PowerBase features so that groups can think beyond just a one-off campaign and be able to track and  analyze data about all interactions with their contacts so they can better engage, communicate, and build long-term relationships with their constituents.

We'll look at the new features, describe how we do it, and explain why having an integrated feature set in one database is so powerful.

New features:

  • Summary Tab - displays a summary of an individual's contribution history that's also searchable in Advanced Search
  • Key Numbers Report - gives a snapshot at the state of your fundraising efforts and your database growth with comparative results over a period of time
  • Renewals report and chart - allows you to get a quick glance at the numbers and rates of renewed donors over multiple time periods
  • Lapsed and Recovered Donors report and chart - gives a quick look at the rate and number of recovered donors in two time periods
  • New Donors by year report and chart - allows you to get a look at the number of new donors for multiple time periods
  • Managing grant proposals and reporting (revisited) - allows you to track deadlines and other engagements with your funders using activities and reports
Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014 -
14:15 to 15:15
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