Navigating Epic Challenges in CRM Implementation

Daniel Heath
Implementing a CRM for your organization (or migrating an existing one, or improving your relationship with a CRM that isn't meeting your needs) is a strategic and tactical challenge. This session will draw on case studies of real-world CRM implementations to help your organization prepare for and overcome the challenges inherent in planning, implementing, and maintaining your CRM--from the very first pre-planning stages through strategy, staffing, prioritization, data migration, implementation, training, launch, and ongoing improvements. We'll also touch on internal knowledge transfer and succession planning, and how to keep your CRM growing with your organization. 
This session is intended for technical staff and non-technical decision-makers alike. Both sides need to understand the organizational challenges involved in successful engagement with a CRM, because good intentions and best efforts aren't enough on their own. We'll cover three main areas: 
I. Planning your CRM deployment (or your CRM rehabilitation)
II. Navigating the challenges of implementation
III. Keeping the CRM fires burning for years to come
Feel free to bring your real-world challenges and questions. 
Daniel Heath is a founding partner of Giant Rabbit, LLC. He has directed scores of CiviCRM projects, including both fresh starts and interventions to rescue troubled projects.
Session Date and Time: 
Friday, April 25, 2014 -
14:45 to 16:00
Session type: 
Goldman Auditorium