Protecting Personal Information

Noah Miller
Kellie Brownell

CiviCRM is first and foremost a tool for communicating with your community.  Who is your community?  Why are you communicating with them?  And who else might want in on your conversations?

We’re willing to make the bold claim that nonprofits have a responsibility to protect personal data they collect on their community.  In this session, we’ll help you think through:

  •     who might want access to information in your database,
  •     how they might get access,
  •     and what you can do to protect personal data against several kinds of attacks.

Although inspired by traditional computer security thinking, this is not a technical talk.  We encourage anyone to come who wants to take reasonable steps to protect the personal information of their donors, volunteers, clients, board members, etc.  We’re especially excited to host this discussion at CiviCON because so many nonprofit missions rely on privacy--or the safe space in which people can greet personal issues and/or explore beyond social boundaries--and CiviCRM makes so much of their work possible.

Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014 -
15:30 to 16:30
Session type: 
Goldman Auditorium