Cividesk provides affordable cloud solutions for nonprofit organizations.

We are passionate about nonprofits, open source and internet technologies. Building Cividesk has enabled us to bring these passions together for the better. We sincerely believe that by providing nonprofits with world-class technology and service at a price they can afford, we can help them be more efficient and successful in their mission.

Our solutions provide an infrastructure for nonprofits day-to-day operations, communication and collaboration tasks so you can focus on what matters most for your organization - fulfilling your mission.

We are based in Denver, Colorado and have the honor of serving customers around the world, spanning all types of nonprofit organizations – charitable, humanitarian, advocacy, faith-based, political, governmental and trade-oriented. We recently have opened representation in Europe in order to best support our customers located in non-US time zones.

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The strenght of CiviCRM, as all Open Source software, lies in its community of users, administrators, developers and integrators.

CiviCON is critical in building and solidifying this community, and as such we are very proud to support this event year after year through our sponsorship, volunteering, and speaking opportunities.